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Here you can purchase various cosmetic perks for use on the LegionCraft MineCraft server. These range from chat sounds, chat colours and disguises to trails!

The donations you make help us keep the server online, cover costs for the forums, cover costs for new features and help us grow as a community. If you love our server or just want to get cool perks in our game, consider donating to us. Every donation is appreciated, no matter how small!

Purchases can take up to 20 minutes to be pushed through to the server - If you have not received the purchase after this let BetaBurnt know!

Refund Policy

Any purchase made to LegionCraft is as is. We do not give refunds of any kind after a purchase is made so please be sure of your purchase before making payment!  Transfers of purchases cannot be made either - In other words, you can not transfer a perk to another account, whether that be a friend or if your account was compromised/you created another account. 

Forced refunds such as a charge-backs or disputes in an attempt to receive a free perk, scam, or refund a donation is prohibited. We take disputes very seriously - a chargeback will result in a permanent ban across all LegionCraft media.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or issues regarding donations please join our Discord and contact the server staff! 

You can also join and ask any questions through our forums!